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Who Is Tim Muetterties?

Tim’s Family moved to Calaveras County when Tim was in 1971. He attended Hazel Fischer School which is now Independence Hall in White Pines. In May of 2018 Tim will be starting his 40th year in the real estate industry. Tim’s accomplishments and involvement in local and state organizations are chronicled over 23+ years as a state director for the California Association of Realtors.

As a Real Estate Broker Tim has over 40 years of experience valuing properties in Calaveras County. Tim has the skills to manage an office.  Tim will represent the people fairly and honestly. He will work to provide a good working environment for the employees. 

Why Is Tim Running?

Tim has been self-employed and working in the private sector for over 40 years. As a Real Estate Broker and Business Owner you go to work every day, knowing you must treat the public with respect and seek positive relationships to be successful.

In addition to 40 years of experience in valuing properties in Calaveras County, I also currently serve on the Calaveras County Assessment Appeals Board where we hear and decide disputes between taxpayers and the current Assessor.  I will bring integrity, ethics, fairness, coalition building, dedication, hard work, and problem-solving experience to the position. The current lack of cooperation and work environment within the department are counterproductive to the department’s success and impacts other departments.  This will be one of my immediate goals along with the immediate removal of the backlog of transfers and the timely processing of Supplemental Tax Bills and assessments.

I would apply these same principals if I am elected to the office of Assessor.
One of the reasons I am seeking the position of Assessor is because of public outcry of set policies in the Department.  Setting a much friendlier environment for the department will provide Employees and the public with a positive and pleasant experience.  

Tim’s Immediate Primary Goals

 •   Implement Policy to bring back customer service to the Assessor’s Office. We should at a minimum be treated with respect.

•    Take immediate steps to improve and enhance
the current working environment within the department. With the departments current 42 % turnover rate the Assessor’s office is losing valuable staff which is counterproductive to the departments success. Staff is the critical component and should be nurtured and protected. They are never to be sacrificed or used as political fodder.

•    Take immediate steps to remove any and all
current obstacles preventing Staff from bringing the back log within the Assessor’s Office current. The back log is not only financially impacting the County, it is also negatively impacting outside firms whose revenue streams rely on accurate data being available..

•  I will also be implementing Policy within the
department that will allow for Taxpayers that are challenging their assessment to make an appointment to come to the office for a ‘sit down’ to see what can be resolved rather than forcing the Taxpayer to file an Appeal and wait up to four years to have their voices heard.

What Does Tim Muetterties Stand For and Believe In?

Tim is a very staunch supporter and champion of property rights and has spent 23+ years of his career as a state director fighting legislation attacking private property rights, and sponsoring pro property rights legislation and candidates.  Additionally, Tim is very concerned about current efforts to undermine and/or remove our current protections under Prop 13. Tim is a fiscal conservative who is also pro-business and pro quality growth. Tim believes that a true leader leads from the front and not the rear.  A true leader is there to solve problems so that staff can concentrate on the tasks before them. Regardless of the power that the position brings you must never forget who put you there and who pays your salary…the taxpayers of Calaveras County.

As Assessor, I will be reaching out to those taxpayers that currently have disputes over their assessment to resolve the situation rather than have them wait for multiple years for an appeal date. Keeping the public educated and up to date is critical in maintaining a positive relationship between local government and taxpayers/constituents. This can be accomplished with press releases, email releases, speaking engagements, interviews, personal meetings, workshops, and social media. Lastly, there are programs designed to assist senior and disabled taxpayers available in the state, but the program information is not easily found. That’s why I am supporting AB 2458 (Webber) making it easier for seniors and disabled to locate and apply for the assistance that is available to them.


Tim, would be honored to have neighborhood gatherings and invitations to come and speak with you or your group.

If you are interested in hosting a meet and greet, please call Tim on his cell at 209-770-4993.

As a Real Estate Broker Tim has 40 years of experience valuing properties in Calaveras County. Tim has the skills to manage an office.  Getting the endorsement from SEIU has brought about a lot of comments that Tim is being controlled now by special interest. Tim wants a better environment for the Employees to work in and SEIU gave Tim a vote of confidence that he will make sure that happens in the Assessors office. Tim, will be a leader for the Employees and appreciates and values them for their hard work and dedication.
The Assessor does not set any legislative laws. Tim has experience in legislating for better laws for the Taxpayers of California and will continue to support Taxpayer's and legislation for the people and property rights.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tim on his cell and discuss it with him. 209-770-4993

We are proud to announce today SEIU Local 1021 Endorsed
Tim Muetterties for Assessor.
Tim is grateful for the support and confidence SEIU Members have placed in him. Congratulations Tim!



Receiving the endorsement from the Realtor organization does not come with any special interest rights.  The endorsement of the Realtor organization is a vote of confidence that Tim can work to get rid of the backlog.  The Real Estate industry can see that there is a backlog in new transfers.  This has a direct affect on revenue for the county. The Buyer's are reaching out to the Realtor community with their supplemental bills that do not come in a timely manner and then they have to pay a backlog price.  Tim will work with the Employees to remove the backlog and help get our county in a healthier position.  The Realtor endorsement is a vote of confidence working directly with Tim over the years and supporting Private Property Rights.  The Realtor Organization knows Tim will do the job and support the Taxpayer's rights in a fair and responsible manner.

 Tim is honored to receive this endorsement and the confidence of the Realtors.


Calaveras County Board of Realtors 

Tim Muetterties has worked with the California Association of Realtors and Calaveras County Association Of Realtors and has always brought impeccable honesty and integrity. Tim has nearly four decades of experience serving the Calaveras County community as a business owner, real estate broker, and community activist.

Tim will work to ensure that fair and accurate valuations are done in a transparent manner. Tim understands how to get the job done and he is the best choice to represent homeowners and taxpayers in Calaveras County.

Coy Knapp

President CCAR




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